About Us


Thomson-Leng Musical Society (TLMS) was founded in 1964 by D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. as an opportunity for the workforce to gather together and have fun staging amateur musical productions in Dundee. One of the most significant recent changes was the creation of Thomson-Leng Youth Music Theatre (TLYMT) in 1998. TLYMT is a Dundee based youth theatre group that exists to provide its young members the opportunity to express and develop their acting, singing and dance skills on stage and within the local community. The combined society now has a regular membership for over 130 with TLYMT in particular continuing to attract an increasing number of enthusiastic and talented youngsters. Between them, TLMS and TLYMT produce between three and four main musical productions each year, along with other various fundraising and social events which are held on a regular basis.

The shows

TLYMT perform at least two shows a year, with a spring production usually in the form of a Review Show and the Autumn (November) Production historically in the Whitehall Theatre and other local venues. Over the years we have put on all types of show – from Bob Carlton’s Return to the Forbidden Planet to the Dickens classic Oliver! TLMS aim to produce a show around September each year in addition to a Pantomime in December. Both TLMS and TLYMT perform at various fundraisers throughout the year.

The wider society

In addition to the active, performing membership there is a healthy back-stage and support network that help out at each rehearsal and performance. Behind the scenes activities consist of helping with props, make up, set design, stage crew and prompting on-stage as well as front of house; including sale of raffle tickets/programmes and merchandising during the shows.

Your commitment

As a member we hope you enjoy yourself but it is only fair to outline what will be expected of you as a member of the Society. First of all, while we do not have auditions to join either TLMS or TLYMT, we may ask that at some point you to take a voice test with the current Musical Director. This is very informal – a few lines of song at the piano without an audience before or after a rehearsal. It is just to let us – and you – know the range and depth of your voice and where you will best fit in to the cast.


Auditions are open to all current members of the respective Societies, and occur before all shows. They will be in front of an audition panel usually be made up of; the Director, Musical Director, Choreographer and at least one member of the committee. The Chairperson (usually the Director) shall have the casting vote. Chorus members do not usually need to audition; however anybody wishing a main (principle) role will be required to audition. The show’s musical director will decide which song/s you will be asked to audition, and the director will decide which part/s of the characters libretto they want to hear. You may also have to perform a dance routine as well. These will be advised before the audition night. If your subscription has lapsed, or you are not a current member of the society, then you will be required to pay a subscription at the current rate prior to your audition. Details of auditions are available on request.


Whether you are in a Principal role or are in the chorus you must be prepared to attend all rehearsals; Rehearsals for TLYMT are held on a Saturday and start promptly at 2.00 pm and finish at 4.00pm (this may be extended at the discretion of the production team on some occasions when required). TLMS rehearsals are help on a Monday evening from 7pm-10pm. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled for evenings during the week, especially for Principals and nearer the week of the show. Shows are fun but hard work and poor attendance at rehearsals is always inconvenient – to you and to your fellow cast members. The rehearsal schedule can be found on the rehearsal schedule page.

The performances

Shows usually run for 3-5 performances, and start generally at 7.30 pm. You will be required to arrive early at the theatre for costume and make up. There is a costume call followed by a technical rehearsal prior to the show plus one dress rehearsal. These are always late nights so be prepared! Note that at all times children must vacate the theatres or other performance locations before 10pm.


Subscriptions are £75 for members, and this fee covers all performances within the year spanning 1st Jan – 31st December. Refreshments are provided at all TLYMT Rehearsals free of charge. Members who join within our financial year will pay their subscription for the full year regardless of the date their membership commences. For insurance reasons everyone who appears on stage must be a paid up member of the Society. For further details please visit our subscription page for details.


News concerning the current show and the rehearsal schedule will be issued at rehearsals. The production team and committee will try to make sure everyone knows what is happening but you should keep an eye on the website and Facebook for any changes and you should make an effort to find out when you are required.

Other notes for your information


For shows costumes are either hired or sourced from our own stock and the good will of cast. If they are hired they usually arrive on the weekend before the show and are given out at the Theatre at the costume call where any alterations will be made.

Libretti and scores

These will in general be distributed as required for the shows. These are normally hired and must be returned at the end of the show. Copies are numbered and listed on issue. Missing or lost copies will be charged for. If they have had to be purchased or copied, a small charge is usually made to cover the cost. They must not be permanently defaced.

Etiquette in rehearsals

As a courtesy to your fellow cast and production team.

  • Please be at rehearsals 10/15mins before the starting time. This will give you time to prepare i.e. warm up/get changed and it means we can start on time and get lots done. This is called prep time.
  • Switch off mobile phones.
  • No talking or whispering while rehearsals are in progress.
  • Refreshments may be provided, however to avoid leaving the hall during rehearsal it is advisable to carry a bottle of water with you.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and no jewellery. You should be able to dance to your full ability and not have to worry about expensive clothing getting ruined. This also means footwear; trainers and dance shoes, no commando boots or heels.
  • Make sure long hair is away from face and tied back.
  • Give it 110%! Even if you are not sure of the steps or song, it will still mean you are trying your hardest and once you do know what you’re doing, you will be able to enjoy it even more.
  • When being taught new routines and songs, make sure you are listening at all times. This then means you can give you best performance possible.
  • Use break time or prep time to try and remember routines and songs. It also helps if you go over it with your fellow performers at rehearsals and makes it more fun.
  • Don’t be scared to ask questions.
  • And most of all…..HAVE FUN!!!!!

Tickets and promotions

The selling of tickets is crucial to the on-going financial well-being of the Society. It is therefore vital in the run-up to the shows that you assist in any way you can.

There is an expectation that everyone will sell around 10 tickets each

Tickets are printed months in advance and can usually be purchased either from the current ticket officer, on-line via www.tlms.net or at the box office of the Performance Theatre. Selling tickets to family and friends is a good start but you may also like to consider leaflet drops around your area, or displaying a poster in any local shops etc. Leaflets and posters of the current show will be made available by the current publicity team. TLMS/TLYMT is always on the lookout for companies to advertise in our show programs. If you work for a company you think might be interested, please contact the current publicity team.

  • Above all – please enjoy yourself here – this is a friendly Company
  • You are very Welcome.
  • If you have a question, please ask
  • If you have a problem please discuss it
  • If you have an idea please share it with the production team or a member of the committee