1. The Society shall be called THOMSON-LENG MUSICAL SOCIETY.

2. The objects of the Society shall be:-

(a) to cultivate the taste for music among its members, and develop their knowledge of operatic art;

(b) to give performances of opera and general musical works of a good, technical and artistic standard.


3. (a) The Society shall be composed of Honorary and Active Members. Active Members, in order to qualify as such, will pay an annual membership fee to the Society. This fee will be set at the discretion of the Management Committee as detailed in the section 9 (a) of this document.

(b) Honorary Members shall consist of those who support the Society in a non-active capacity and will be elected/appointed by the Management Committee.

(c) Active Members shall consist of those taking part in the Society’s activities by singing, acting, dancing and/or other­wise assisting in the Society’s production in any capacity. Membership shall be confined to as many members as the Manage­ment Committee deem necessary for production purposes.

(d) The formation of a junior section of the Society shall be known as THOMSON-LENG YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE and it will be recognized for all purposes as part of the Society. Its business and management shall adhere to all points of the Constitution of the Society at all times and come under the auspices of the Management Committee in all it does.


4. The Management of the affairs and funds of the Society will be vested in a Management Committee consisting of Hon. President (as a public face and figurehead), Hon. Vice-President, President (Executive), Vice-President (Executive), Secretary, Treasurer, and Minute Secretary together with four Active Members – (two to be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting to hold office for two years) – and, ex-officio the Director, Musical Director, Choreographer /Dance Mistress / Chorus Director and Stage Manager. Six members shall form a quorum. The ex-officio members will be appointed by the elected members.

5. The Management Committee may fill any vacancy which occurs in its membership during the year, and will have power to appoint Sub-Committees and to delegate all or any of its powers, and to co-opt other members as required.

6. The selection of principals for a show shall be vested in a Selection Committee consisting of the Director, the Musical Director, together with four others nominated by the Management Committee. The Director of the production will serve as the head of this Committee and have the casting vote should any discussions fail to produce a clear casting.

7. The choice of works to be performed will be made in each case from a list agreed by the Management Committee in colsultation with the ex-officio members. Members of the Society should be encouraged to submit suggestions in good time to any member of the Management Committee.


8. The whole property at present belonging to or which shall hereafter be acquired by the Society shall be vested in the members of the Management Committee for the time being, as trustees on behalf of the Society. As trustees, the Management Committee shall pay special care to the maintenance and storage of the Society’s equipment.


9. (a) All active Members shall be required to pay an annual membership fee as determined by the Management Committee.

(b) The whole profits of entertainments given by the Society shall be devoted to further­ing the objects of the Society: or to charitable or philanthropic purposes. The Treasurer shall keep a record of his trans­actions and shall present an audited state­ment for the year to the Annual General Meeting.

General Meetings

10. An Annual General Meeting shall be held to receive the Management Committees report and Treasurer’s statement, to elect office bearers and committee members, and to transact any other business. A General Meeting may be called at any time at the discretion of the Management Committee or on the written requisition of ten Active Members.

11. No alteration of the Constitution shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Further, no alteration or amendment to the Constitution of the Society shall be carried into effect unless three quarters of all Active Members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meet­ing where such alteration or amendment comes under consideration, vote in favour of the pro­posed alteration or amendment. Any proposed alteration shall be notified, in the form of a resolution, to the Secretary, at least three weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

12. Other resolutions shall be notified to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the Meet­ing at which they are to be proposed.

13. (a) Only Active Members whose annual fee has been paid shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.

(b) Honorary Members shall not be entitled to vote at General Meetings.

14. Elections at the Annual General Meeting shall be by nomination and ballot.

15. No business other than the formal adjournment of the Meeting shall be transacted at any Gen­eral Meeting unless a quorum be present and such quorum shall consist of not less than 25% of the total active membership.

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