Subscriptions and Rehearsal Fees

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Subscription Information

The annual subscription is due from the 1st January. All cast members attending rehearsals and performing on stage are required under the Constitution of the Society to pay this subscription.

A subscription is required from each performer to satisfy the terms and conditions stated in the Society’s Annual Insurance Policy and to enable the Society to meet the ongoing costs of hire and rental on premises for rehearsals etc.

Subscriptions are set each year by the Society Management Committee as per the Constitution of the Society.

 Subscription Rates
    Amount Due Payment Options
Youth Member (TLYMT) Full year subscription £50.00 1 or 2 payments
  Full year subscription additional child £37.50 1 or 2 payments
Adult Member (TLMS) Full year subscription £75.00 1 or 3 payments

Payment must be made as soon as possible. Any cast member who has not paid the annual subscription by the time of a performance will not be permitted to perform. Any member wishing to audition for specific roles in a production must be up to date with their subscription payments prior to auditioning. Letters and subscription forms will be issued as appropriate to all members. Please contact the society if you haven’t received one by 31st January or alternatively where appropriate, within one month of joining the society.

If for any reason you are unable to pay the subscription then please speak to Donna ( 

All cheques subscriptions should be made payable to Thomson-Leng Musical Society.

Rehearsal Fees

In order to meet the increased costs of rehearsals a small additional charge will be made on a per-rehearsal basis. This has been set at £2.00 per week and is applicable to every week a member is required to attend. Should there be a requirement for an individual member to attend more than one rehearsal in any week then the rehearsal fee will only be levied once for that week.